Wordle: Rate Your Wordle Game [Wordlebot]

April 16, 2022

Rate your wordle game using the Wordlebot. Get Wordle insights into your play based on an analysis provided by the NY Times. Find out how much Wordle skill and how much #Wordle luck is involved in each of your guesses. You’ll also find out what the NY Times considers to be the best starting word. Improve your #wordlestrategy by using the #Wordlebot.

The Wordlebot provides a score for both Wordle skill and wordle luck for each of your guesses. You’ll be able to evaluate your wordle luck vs skill after each game. Do you think you win because of your wordle luck or skill? You’ll be able to find out. If you incorporate the Wordlebot into your Worlde expert game strategy, you may find that you change your best Wordle starting word. 

After you play the Wordle game, you might want to run the Wordlebot to help you win Wordle more frequently. It effectively provides Wordle expert tips to help you improve your Wordle strategy. Effective Wordle tips and strategies are what’s called for if you want to win on a regular basis. A Worlde game expert strategy will include use of the Wordlebot, at least occasionally. Some Wordle expert insights will rely on it. Your Worlde game strategy should include running some of your more difficult hands through it.

Link to The Book: Wordle: The Rules, Strategy and Expert Tips


Link to the Wordle Play List:

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